Tuesday, April 24, 2007

To All Candidates for the Office of President of the United States

(Sample Letter)

Dear Senator McCain

We understand that you have applied for the position of President of the United States. On behalf of the Reality Caucus and the People of the United States we have undertaken to carry out some preliminary protocols so that those who may consider supporting your candidacy can have the requisite information needed to make an informed decision. With this e-mail you will find a form to be filled out and returned. The information will be cross checked by our researchers. It will then be posted so the public can be informed.

The coming election makes it essential that voters have no doubts as to the character, values, abilities, and intentions of the individuals who will be candidates. As an American you naturally share those concerns.

Our Caucus is made up of individuals from all political parties. None of us are affiliated with any campaign or support any specific candidate as of yet.

We are sure that when you consider the long time need for transparency in politics you will agree that these protocols should have been in place long since. The Presidency is a job. Ensuring the qualifications of the individuals who want the job should always have been on point.

As you look over the form included you will see the questions are far reaching. Add extra pages as needed. The last part is Issues. That is for you to lay out your program for the four years of your possible presidency, including how you intend to accomplish your goals. That is intended to give you the opportunity to show Americans what kind administration you would create.

The Reality Caucus is working in conjunction with the Iconoclast. The Iconoclast has a well earned reputation for placing the truth over any partisan consideration and you can be sure that will be the case here. Your responses should go to reality@lonestaricon.com.

Included is a query on your willingness to submit to a full, psychological battery given by qualified, eminent professionals. We hope you decide to participate in that as well as this is just one more issue of real transparency.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation to ensure that Americans can make an informed and responsible decision in 2008.


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
The Reality Caucus

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Application form: President of the United States

Application Form

Part I:

Office sought: President of the United States and/or Vice-President of the United States

I. Names used from birth to present:

II. Addresses, birth to present:

III. Family Facts

Include full birth names, other names used, address, professional background, financial details, professional associations, memberships, military service, date(s) of birth, death, and criminal records for:

Mother / Step Mother

Father / Step Father

Siblings (brothers, sisters, & others)

Other ancestors of note



Children/natural and step, from all marriages or other offspring.

Other relatives with whom you have active relationships, include all above with the same information you provide about yourself in items I & II above.


IV. Professional Associates: list with contact information

V. Candidate's Educational Background: All schools from pre Kindergarten to graduate.

VI. Clubs and fraternities: date joined, who your sponsor was, activities, names of those who can verify your participation, character, and accomplishments

VII. Professional History: Jobs held, duties which you were hired to carry out, employers, contact information for each. Please begin with most recent and include all through age when you had your first job in either the private or public sector.

VIII. Publishing History: What have you published under both your own name, a pen name, and through a ghostwriter. Please provide the names of any and all ghost writers.

IX. Military History: Dates, ranks achieved, honors, dishonors, detachment. Names of commanding officers with contact information. Please include all duty assignments both foreign and domestic.

X. Civil Litigation History: Please provide, as either Plaintiff or Defendant all instances, all records, dates and case numbers. Also provide as necessary contact information for your attorneys and attorneys for the opposing parties.

XI. Criminal Record: All dates and circumstances for all citations or arrests. Include all information regarding misdemeanors as well as felonies. Copies of legal papers and resolution as to be provided as well.

XII. Medical History: From age 12 to your present age please provide access to all medical records

XIII. The things you hoped no one would ask. You know what they are. Let us know. We promise you will be sorry if you don't.

Part II:

Tell us about your agenda and how you intend to carry that to fruition, if elected. Outline each issue by Congressional session and year beginning with 10 days following your possible election. Be as specific or as vague as you wish, the electorate will determine if your answer is satisfactory or not.


Would you be willing to submit to a full, psychological battery given by qualified, eminent professionals?